Google Maps Domination


"Google Maps Domination"

Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Our 100% Risk-Free "Google Maps Domination" Local Lead Generation System!

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This special offer expires 72-hours from your PipelinePRO Fast Start Session!

Here's Exactly What Your Google Maps Domination Team Will Do In The First 60-Days To Build Your Foundation...

Google Maps Domination

Week #1:

Performance Local will begin by assessing and optimizing key metrics in your Google Maps listing such as NAP (Name, Address and Phone), website as well as other key points involved in creating top results on Google. We also start creating and posting content and backlinks as part of the master strategy...

Week #2:

Performance Local will do a deep dive into your business’s online presence and begin managing that profile across 40+ of the Internet’s top websites and directories and data aggregators ensuring complete accuracy, ‘locking’ your information to protect your data from competitors or online hijackers.

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Week #3:

The work is now full steam ahead at a blistering pace building additional assets for the brand including, but not limited to, creation of ‘para’ websites such as creating a custom Google MyStack (our in-house proprietary ranking strategy), creation and optimizing of a .biz site within Google...

Week #4:

The focus now moves to optimizing your business for maximum exposure and impact across the biggest "voice search" platforms online today including Apple Maps and Amazon Alexa. This is where just about every other local marketing agencies fails -- they do not include "voice search" optimization which now accounts for a huge portion of online searches. But we do!

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Week #5:

As we enter month 2, this is where the real traction kicks in... The focus is now on "content creation" and "syndication" to some of the web’s most powerful online properties. Performance Local will expertly craft keyword-rich content for your brand and its most meaningful keyword search phrases and post on your Google properties regularly now...

Week #6:

We now enter a new phase delivering another round of optimizations to your online profile across the 70+ directories, websites, and aggregators ensuring the ability to rank well "long-term" across these powerful search platforms. We continue creating and posting content and backlinks to help you extract the maximum number of calls to your business each week...

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Week #7:

Performance Local now begins a new, additional round of "back links", this time backlinking your backlinks. This is a unique "compoud effect" approach that is rarely used by other agencies (becase it takes the most time) yet its amazingly effective. We also continue creating and posting new content to build your authority and credibility online...

Week #8:

As we near the end of this critical Phase 1 foundational phase, Performance Local performs an overall keyword universe assessment as well as another round of optimizations in your Google Maps listing ensuring maximum ranking on local Google search. We are now in full content creation mode, the key to long-term growth, while posting content and backlinks to get your phone ringing...

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After this critical Phase 1 foundation is complete, the long-term Phase 2 Google Maps Optimization work kicks in on a monthly basis... You are now winning the local SEO game...

Weekly monitoring and auditing of your core website...

Weekly auditing of your online listings across the top web properties...

Monthly content creation for the continous build out of your authority and credibility online...

Monthly back link creation to ensure top local search positioning...

Weekly progress reports from your Google Maps Domination team...


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Or You Pay Nothing!

This is truly unheard of in the Google lead generation world! But we are so confident in our process and have been doing it for so long, that we offer a 30-day Satisifcation Guarantee... If you are unsatisified with the progress we are making within the first 30-days we will refund your entire investment (minus a 5% processing fee). No questions asked. We take on all the risk. You take on none of it!

Remember... This special offer expires 72-hours from your PipelinePRO Fast Start Session! Plus, we are waiving our $500 set up fee if you get started within 72-hours...

(If you are within your 72-hour window and you're ready to get started, either reach out to your PipelinePRO Business Advisor or input the following Coupon Code below to secure your spot and lock in your $500 savings: save500 )

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